Guardrail Mining, Inc.


Keeping you on track 

We provide multiple levels of service in and around bitcoin mining farms. We specialize in miner repairs and operations managment.

We also offer evaluations and consultations of your mine. This is especially beneficial during the optimization phase of your build out.

Given the amount of mining farms we have worked in, we may have a unique perspective that can help decrease your failure rates and increase your hashrate.

There are less than 9.5% of 21m total BTC remaining.

We can help you get some.


Joe Angello – CEO

Joe joined Guardrail Mining, Inc in 2022 concentrating on business development. As CEO, he brings 30+ years of leadership, international trade, distribution, logistics, warehousing and sales experience into the Bitcoin mining industry. His commitment to excellence, efficiency and integrity provides best in class solutions for clients.

Joe is a visionary business leader with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from University of California, Berkeley. Since 2018, he has promoted Bitcoin’s global economic potential for the betterment of all humanity.

Brett Garman -CTO

6 Year USAF Veteran. 11 year FAA Air Traffic Controller. 3 year website/webmaster. 5+ year Bitcoin miner.

Brett started mining in 2017. He grew from heating his garage with 1 ASIC, to a small commercial space, and finally retrofitting a large industrial space able support 300 ASICs.

He was certified by Bitmain in 2018 and again in 2021 to repair miners as well as teach the AMTC ASIC Chip Level repair  and Mining Farm Operations certification courses.

Since then, he has worked in both publically traded and private industrial scale mining operations as a diagnostic tech, repair tech, deployment leader, and design consultant.